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Dead End: "Reborn From The Ancient Grave" Album Review

It's alive!

Dead End: "Reborn From The Ancient Grave" Album Review

Dutch metal masters Dead End released a compilation of their first releases from the ’90s last year, and they are now poised to release an entire LP of new material in September. Their sound can best be described as doom meets death metal in a fiery crash, with equal parts early Paradise Lost mixed with the same amount of Asphyx or early Entombed. It’s a very cool combination, and they pull it off in spades on Reborn From The Ancient Grave. Although the only member left from the early incarnation of the band is bassist Alwin Roes, they do a phenomenal job of carrying on the sound that they brought to life 20-plus years ago.

“David’s Theme” opens the album with a hauntingly beautiful piano interlude, amid dark and mysterious array of tones. “Dead End (Reborn)” then launches it’s dark campaign against your senses. Vocalist Bryan Boorsma not only has that old-school death metal feel, but he crushes it! “Haze of Lies” slows things down to a crawl, but it doesn’t lose any of the evil, slithering feel. The melodic guitar solo at the end is killer. “Mea Culpa” is pure doom brilliance. It’s slow, low and catchy, with guitar playing that is simple but fits perfectly. “Wither” picks up the pace a bit, and it has more of an Entombed feel, especially in the vocals. “Nails Of The Martyr” brings more of a faster Asphyx feel. It truly is one of the best songs here and one of my favorites. “Wearing The Cloak” is pure metal brilliance with the slow build-up of doom-laden fury, and is, in my opinion, the best song here. It encompasses all of the components that the band are capable of delivering and is the perfect song to represent their sound. The heavy riffs at the end will have you banging your head for weeks on end.

Reborn From The Ancient Grave presents a brand new band in Dead End. They’ve build upon their history, adding new members and sounds, and created a masterpiece with this album.

Reborn from the Ancient Grave is out September 16 on Vic Records. Pre-order it here!

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