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Dead End: “Forever Is Not Eternal” Review by Jason Zins!


Dead End: “Forever Is Not Eternal” Review by Jason Zins!

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you know I love old school death metal.  It’s heavy, dark and has feeling to it. It’s not overproduced or Auto-Tuned. The old school wholeheartedly raised a glorious middle finger t0 the music industry and the entire world. It was a statement that things could be taken to the extreme.

Dutch doom/death metallers Dead End are releasing a compilation of their early ’90s material that subscribes to just the features mentioned. The album covers the entire spectrum of everything you would ever expect in a death metal release.  It’s heavy as hell, chock-full of razor-sharp riffs, and the songs are played with feeling, emotion and a touch of the fucking macabre. “Angelthing” immediately takes you on a whirlwind ride of doom and despair. Vocalist Micha has that “freshly-gargled-with-acid” sound to his vocals. “This Heresy” is amazing!  It’s slow and heavy. “Dreamer’s Lament” is another animal altogether. It’s a classically-inspired piano ballad with whispered vocals in the beginning, but it builds to a beautiful mix of atmosphere, anger, doom and death. “Shroud” is perhaps the best example of what Dead End are capable of doing. It’s also my favorite here with its mix of raw, unforgiving Sabbath-inspired riffs. Micha’s vocals are stellar. The song builds to a magic crescendo that leaves you thirsting for more. “Revelations” kicks off the second half of this album which has its ’90s-style death metal feel, and it is a bit more groove-oriented. “Bleeding” is an all-out massacre.

Dead End are currently reformed, recording and playing shows in Europe. They are certainly on the verge of greatness if they can continue the prowess they exhibit on this collection of previous releases.

Forever is Not Eternal is out February 23 on VIC Records.

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Dead End - Forever Is Not Eternal