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David Vincent Says “It’s Time To Write” New Morbid Angel Music!


David Vincent Says “It’s Time To Write” New Morbid Angel Music!

HELL FUCKING YES! In my latest interview with Morbid Angel‘s drummer, Tim Yeung, he mentioned that after all of their touring they would possibly begin writing new music, and David Vincent has now confirmed that statement! In a recent interview with Planet Mosh TV he said this on the future of the iconic death metal band, “We’re done touring for awhile. It’s time to write.

With that one answer alone, my excitement for 2015 has grown to immense proportions.

He also said this about the upcoming material, “Whatever it ends up being is whatever it ends up being. We’re not really a traditional band; we sort of follow our own path. And it is what it is. I mean, it’s always been that way with this band. Most of our records sound different than everything that’s ever been out there, and that’s good. I don’t wanna sound like everybody else. I’m not very good at being anybody else, but I’m pretty good at being me. So I’ll stick with what I know.

The new record will be the ninth in their historic career, and although there were mixed reactions about the last album, they still have what it takes to put out a monster death metal record, so I’m pretty stoked to hear what they come up with! As long as new material from Morbid Angel is coming out, it’s a great time to be a metal fan! Bring on 2015!