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Dave Lombardo Interview By Metal Mark!


Dave Lombardo Interview By Metal Mark!

When it comes to living legends in our scene, they don’t get much bigger than Dave Lombardo. For over thirty years he’s played a pivotal role in how heavy music is approached by musicians everywhere, and is still performing at a ridiculously high level. As you read in my review of the Philm show this past Monday night, this trio is bringing a unique and powerful sound to the world, and it’s one that all music fans need to hear. Although they are only on their second album, the potential for greatness is there, and with the lineup they have, it’s only a matter of time before they completely take over. I’m completely hooked.

Before their set I had the honor of sitting down with Dave Lombardo to talk about Philm, his creative approach to life, future plans, his return to TAMA and much more! Enjoy the chat below, and support Philm today!