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The great Dark Tranquillity will be unleashing their new album, “Construct”, on May 27th thanks to Century Media! As for previews of the new material, we’ve got three tracks already and they all sound incredible! From “For Broken Words” to “The Science Of Noise” to the first video for “Uniformity“, “Construct” is sounding like one of the best albums of the year! Recently I got the chat with the Martin Henriksson about the new record, the band’s legacy and much more, and the interview is below! Enjoy!

Metal Mark: Dark Tranquillity will be releasing your 10th studio album, “Construct”, on May 27th. Being the tenth studio album, was there any more importance put on this record than others before?

Martin Henriksson: Tricky question, but nope – while in the studio, every album has felt like the most important thing in the world.

MM: The early reviews are calling it “the strongest and most exciting” album from you guys in a while. Do you feel the same way? If so, why?

MH: Definitely! I know that it sounds like a typical promo statement, but I’m usually not the guy to make those “this is our best album EVER” claims. My perspective is that we made 3-4 great records that all had a pretty similar approach to the songwriting, which caused things to go a bit on autopilot at the end. Now, we’ve reinvented ourselves and are back with an album that isn’t catchy and doesn’t have instant appeal but instead requires attention and repeated listens to fully appreciate. That’s exactly the kind of music I appreciate myself, so things are more exciting than what they’ve been in a long time.

MM: In the band’s statement on the record, I read that you guys call it the “most different and diverse offering since ‘Projector’.” What do you mean by that? Are there some surprises on the record that we wouldn’t usually expect from DT?

MH: Well, none of the albums since “Projector” has brought this many new ideas to the table. But again, one should always take a band member’s viewpoint with a grain of salt. Music is something personal, and everyone will perceive it differently depending on his or her own frame of reference. I’d expect fans that are familiar with our history to not be super shocked by “Construct”, but those that primary know us from “Fiction” and “Character” might be a very surprised by some of the elements.

MM: The first song to be heard from the album will be “For Broken Words.” Why was this chosen as the first release to fans above the others?

MH:The thing with “Construct” is that all songs are pretty different from each other, so there isn’t one track that ‘s representative of the whole album. In the past, we’ve often played it safe by releasing the most catchy and typical D.T. song as the first preview, so this time it was interesting to take another route. But we hope that people will devour to the whole album as a whole; no matter what preview songs you chose, they will never tell the whole story.

MM: Do you have any personal favorite tracks on the CD that you really want fans to be on the look-out for?

MH: Hmm…hard to say. I really like “None Becoming” and “State of Trust”, both written by our keyboardist.

MM: Being the first record in three years, will there be a longer tour schedule than normal to push the new material?

MH: Not sure. The touring schedule for “We are the Void” was ridiculously extensive, so I’m not sure if we can beat that, ha ha! We always try to tour as much as possible, but it depends on a lot of factors. The whole music industry climate is different now than back in 2010 when “We are the Void” was released, and we also don’t want to wait another three years before releasing the next album, so we’ll see what happens.

MM: Every fan in the United States is wondering about a tour in support of this album, so what’s the latest status on that?

MH: A North American tour is 99% confirmed to take place in September or October. We’re just waiting for the final details and for the last couple of confirmed shows in order to get the green light to make it official, so there should be some kind of news release very soon.

MM: The band was confirmed again for the next 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise. Although you’ve gone on the trip before, what’s the biggest thing you’re looking forward to on this trip?

MH: It’s just a very fun and different experience. Most tours involve sitting in a smelly van for weeks, so it’s a welcome change to play in the tropical sun. It’s hard to describe the whole setting; one needs to be there in order to fully grasp how weird it is with a cruise ship filled to the rim with metalness.

MM: Dark Tranquillity has had a remarkable run in the heavy metal scene, and with the response to the new record, it seems like the future is really bright! Is 2013 going to be the biggest year for the band yet?

MH: No idea – it’s impossible to know. Being a pretty cynical guy, and knowing just how bad the state of the music industry is as the moment, I’m not sure what “big” is anymore, but I do believe that “Construct” is our most relevant album in many years and that it truly brings something new to the table, so I hope that there will be an audience for it.

MM: Very cool! Do you have anything else you’d like to say to the fans out there?

MH: Well, thanks for your support and see you on the road very soon!