As the pioneers of “The Gothenburg Sound,” Dark Tranquillity have a catalog that dates back 20-plus years.  They’ve weaved in and out of the realm of metal for quite awhile, but Construct will put these melodic death metal pioneers solidly back on the map.

The album is composed of layer upon layer of extremely well-written songs.  Songs go from hypnotic to brutal and everywhere in between.  Vocalist Mikael Stanne has never sounded better, and his ability to go from dark, death metal growls to classically-influenced, clean vocals is amazing.  The production and mix on this album is stellar, and  every instrument plays a pivotal part in the mix. None are put on the back burner at anytime.

“For Broken Words” starts us off on this journey.  The song is heavy, deep and ambient.  “The Science of Noise” and “The Silence In Between” follow this same line. “The Silence In Between” has a memorable and almost catchy vocal line that will have you singing along. The songs kick ass.

“Uniformity” and “Endtime Hearts” are my favorites here.  Although they differ in tempo and mood, both exhibit the best of what Dark Tranquillity can do.  The former reminds me of Katatonia a bit, and it is beautiful and moody. The latter is an uptempo thrasher without clean vocals.

Dark Tranquillity have hit a home run with Construct, and this is their best album yet.

Construct is out now on Century Media Records.

Rating: 5/5 Stars