Danzig: “Skeletons” Album Review by Jason Z!

Danzig: "Skeletons" Album Review by Jason Z!

Danzig: “Skeletons” Album Review by Jason Z!

Glenn Danzig needs no introduction from me. This man has been an influential part of my life for 30-plus years. Metallica got me into The Misfits on The $5.98 EP with their covers of “Green Hell” and “Die, Die My Darling.” Since then, I’ve eaten up everything Misfits (with Danzig, of course), Samhain, and all of his solo work. I even have the Danzig skull tattooed on me .. twice!  It was a goosebumps moment to see the infamous Misfits‘ monster makeup come back out for the cover shoot of Skeletons, so when the chance for me to review a cover album of the songs that were influential to a man that was so influential to me came up,  I dove right into it.

“Devil’s Angels,” a cover from the 1960s movie of the same title, starts everything off. It has a familiar Misfits feel, complete with fuzzy guitars and upbeat tempo. “Satan’s Sadists,” another movie track from the ’60s, has a bluesy, classic feel, and Danzig‘s infamous crooning here makes the song. We all know how big of an influence Elvis was on him, so an Elvis cover was inevitable, and “Let Yourself Go” from the movie Speedway is killer. Having never heard this song before, it sounds like it could be a Danzig original. “N.I.B.” has a really cool vibe to it, and Tommy Victor‘s unmistakable guitar tone offers a distinctly original feel. Overall, the song has a stripped-down punk feel to it. “Lord Of The Thighs” comes from one of my all time favorite Aerosmith albums, and the raw, chunky riffs delivered here make this song. Danzig‘s vocals here fit perfectly! They took a classic Aerosmith song and turned it into a heavy Danzig song. “Action Woman” by The Litter brings back that punky Misfits feel. His vocals are stellar and on point the entire song with feeling and emotion. “Rough Boy,” a 1980s ZZ Top song, slows it down a bit but doesn’t let up on intensity. The vocals are the highlight here, and they don’t disappoint. “Girl Like You” by The Troggs is one of the best songs here with its early Misfits feel back complete with the fuzzy guitars and “Ba ba bahs.” It’s fast, in-your-face and everything the Misfits were back then. “Find Somebody To Love” by The Young Rascals is my favorite on this album, and it blends classic punk with a heavier, more traditional Danzig sound. The album ends with a cover of The Everly Brothers “Crying In The Rain” that is slow, dark and brooding.

Danzig has released a killer album with Skeletons. It gives a brief snapshot of his influences and, for a man as uber-private as he is, that’s a huge deal. I thoroughly enjoy every song covered here and remain a huge Danzig fan.

Skeletons is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!

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Danzig - Skeletons