Album Review: Cultural Warfare, “Warmageddon”

With an audible passion and intensity, off we go on a thrash metal ride with Cultural Warfare and their debut long-player, Warmageddon.

The first single on Warmegeddon, “Divided We Crawl,” speaks of how society continues to have a divisional rift. My choice track, “Eyes of the Land,” features frenetic riffing by axemen Billy Garoutte and Kevin Doughty. It is forceful, brilliant, and definitely a choice skull-crusher. The gritty vocals of Jacques Serrano add menace to the lyrics of “Witches Prayer.” Also of note on the album is superb drumming and bass from Bones Padilla and Pete Aguilar, respectively, who maintain the backdrop rhythm throughout the release.

Warmageddon comes on the heels of Cultural Warfare‘s 2017 EP, Future Kill. They have have performed with Warbringer, Hatchet, Apothesary, The Agonist, and others.

Warmageddon is certainly a pit inducing album full of excellent musicians.

Cultural Warfare‘s Warmaggedon is out September 14 on M-Theory Audio. Buy it here!

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Cultural Warfare - Warmageddon - Promo

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