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Cryptae: “Cryptae” EP Review


Cryptae: “Cryptae” EP Review

Back in the dark days of pre-Internet spoiling, there was a thing metal heads did that may seem archaic now. In the back of the metal magazines of yore were “pen pals,” if you will, whereby you could connect with others and trade written letters and other goodies in the mail (a far more gratifying  experience than “Likes” and dank comments on Facebook). If you happened to venture into the underground music ‘zines you could tape trade with metal heads and aspiring musicians from the world over. What I am getting at is Cryptae’s self-titled EP. It sounds like some of the tapes I would get, simplistic and rather crude, a band playing in the garage and hitting record on the tape deck.

The album is very raw, a nocturnal atmosphere of down-tuned, chugging guitar, near-tribal drumming, and visceral vocals. Normally, I tenderly vouch for some death metal brew, but unfortunately, there is just too much chaos on these tracks. It’s just too disjointed. I do, however, appreciate Cryptae‘s attempt at nostalgia for the harsh and unvarnished, but this needs some tuning.

Cryptae is out December 22 on Sentient Ruin. Buy it here!

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