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Crush The Altar: “Abhorrent Oblation” EP Review


Crush The Altar: “Abhorrent Oblation” EP Review

From the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, Crush the Altar enter the field of blackened thrash with Abhorrent Oblation. Formed in 2018. the musicians are Justin Kull (vocals/guitar), John Helmuth (guitar) and drummer Joseph Vergara. Along with death metal elements, Crush the Altar also cite Vader, Morbid Angel and Sepultura as influences to their style.

With a combination of crunchy, matching riffs and melodic black metal portions, the three songs on the album are smoldering. My choice pick is “See Mortality,” as it had an insidious intro before being delivered with wrath and venom.

Abhorrent Oblation is an excellent introduction to Crush the Altar, and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

Abhorrent Oblation is out June 21 on Redefining Darkness Records. Buy it here!

Crush the Alter - Abhorrent Oblation - Cover

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