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Kirk Windstein is the king of the heavy riff, and he and his band of merry men in Crowbar are back with a vengeance on Symmetry in Black.

Crowbar have always been about tuning down and playing slow, thick, heavy riffs with no mercy. Windstein has made this group his main focus since leaving Down, and this is reflected 10 times here. Everything about Symmetry in Black is an improvement upon their previous nine releases, and that is really saying something. The production is stellar; nothing gets lost in the mix, and Windstein’s ability to write his own recipe of doom-laden sludge is brought to the forefront here. Symmetry in Black is Crowbar‘s best release to date.

“Walk With Knowledge Wisely” highlights everything that’s great about Crowbar. Windstein has the ability to sing with gravel in his voice but with a melodic delivery. “Symmetry in White” offers a more haunting side of Crowbar, but the heaviness remains. “The Taste of Dying” is a classic and combines razor-sharp riffs with melodic vocals. “Reflection of Deceit” is more groove-laden with killer slow breaks. “Amaranthine” is a different animal all together; it’s light and full of emotion, and it’s a real highlight of the album.

“Shaman of Belief”  is driving and pulsating, and Windstein sounds like he is gargling glass. ” Symbolic Suicide” is Crowbar‘s tribute to the late Peter Steele with nods to not only Type O Negative, but Steele’s previous band, Carnivore.  It’s a very fitting tribute.

Crowbar have taken their brand of metal and turned it up two notches with Symmetry in Black.

Symmetry in Black is out now on eOne Music.

Rating: 5/5 Stars