Critical Defiance: “Misconception” Album Review

We are spoiled in the USA and Europe since we have always had easy access to the metal music we love. If you’ve ever watched videos of performances in South America, the fans are out of control – wild and insanely devoted. Maybe not so much today, but once upon a time metal was a rarity in these parts. Chilean thrash metallers Critical Defiance fully deserve to be up on a pedestal, and I was immediately drawn in and blown away by their debut album, Misconception.

“Desert Ways” sinks its teeth into you with stunning, crazy riffing – almost three minutes worth before you are tossed into the bedlam of what is Critical Defiance. Misconception is thoroughly fucking badass from start to finish, transporting me to the heyday of thrash. Check out “Spiral of Hatred,” “What About You” and the immense, delicious riffing of “Onset.”

I hope that Critical Defiance receive the recognition they deserve. Extreme talent like this is a rarity now.

Misconception is out February 8 on Unspeakable Axe Records. Buy it here!

Critical Defiance - Misconception - Promo

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