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Cripple Bastards: “La Fine Cresce da Dentro” Album Review


Cripple Bastards: “La Fine Cresce da Dentro” Album Review

Italian grindcore masters Cripple Bastards are back with their seventh album, La Fine Cresce da Dentro (translated to The End is Growing From Within), featuring 18 tracks of logic-defying mayhem, .

Recorded at Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden, by producer Fredrik Nordström (At the Gates, Dark Tranquility), La Fine Cresce da Dentro features Giulio the Bastard (vocalist), Schintu the Wretched (bassist), Raphael Saini (drummer), and Der Kommissar (guitarist). The album also includes guest vocalist Zazzo from Negazione. Cripple Bastards have performed at various fests such as Fuck the Commerce and Maryland Death Fest, and they have shared the stage with Nasum, Extreme Noise Terror, Suffocation and Pungent Steel, among many others over their 30 year career.

La Fine Cresce da Dentro rips with unseen ferocity and vicious grind mixed with doses of old school punk. You can feel the whiplash-inducing riffs on tracks such as “La Memoria Del Dolore” and “Non Coinvolto,” both of which are delivered with methodical cruelty. Gnarled riffs, drums that crush your bones to dust, and deep feral vocals that leave you unnerved create an urgent savagery that threads the album. Energetic blasts of memorable aggression on “Passi Nel Vuoto” and “Crimine Contro L’Immagine” rip through you.

La Fine Cresce da Dentro isn’t an album for the easy listening soul. It is perfectly grand in its brutal deliverance.

La Fine Cresce da Dentro is out now on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

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