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Create A Kill: “Summoned To Rise” Album Review


Create A Kill: “Summoned To Rise” Album Review

Just when I thought thrash metal was starting to fade out, I get sent a promo package for Create a Kill with their latest album, Summoned to Rise. Featuring Gus Rios and Alex Marquez, former members of Malevolent Creation, we are enmeshed in a solid concoction of kick-ass metal. As soon as you press play, you are immediately drawn up in a whirlwind of striking drums and whipping guitars.

Matt Harvey (Exhumed) appears as guest vocalist on “Flesh, Blood and Stone,” and it is certainly my choice pick with its apocalyptic monstrosity of sounds and textures. Another guest is guitarist Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed) who performs on “Gauntlet of Pain” and “The Sow is Mine,” both of which rip right into you.

I enjoy the production and sound of Summoned to Rise with its nod to raw, old school thrash, but more powerful and energetic as hell. It is an emotive work that has plenty of light and shade that reminds me a bit of Helloween and Overkill.

Summoned to Rise is out now on Redefining Darkness Records. Buy it here!

Create A Kill - Summoned to Rise - Promo