Cranely Gardens - EP Cover

Man, I am digging me some Cranely Gardens and their EP House of Decay!

We all know I loves me all bands New Jersey (Garden State, represent!), but, holy schnikes, House of Decay is a scrotum-scorcher! This EP may only clock in at 30 minutes, but trust me, these boys have a future. Utilizing a number of different vocalists for each track, this is one heck of a record. The sense of immediacy and hell-bent for Hell approach leaves the listener gasping for breath.

I strongly suggest you add Cranely GardensHouse of Decay to your collection!

House of Decay is independently released and out now. Buy it here!

Cranely Gardens - Promo

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  1. […] of Decay. King Rhino liked the seven-song release enough to give it a whopping five-star review (read it here). Now, they are continuing to build on the momentum with a lyric video for “Savages” […]

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