We posted several tributes to Lemmy Kilmister from icons in our scene yesterday, plus tributes from Ozzy and Metallica today, and Corey Taylor just released his tribute to the Motörhead icon via The Guardian, and we have some excerpts for you below. As with all of the tributes, you should really read the whole article at The Guardian, because Corey’s words and stories are simple incredible. Here’s just a taste of what he had to say on Lemmy:

The first time I ever saw Motörhead was on my favourite TV show at the time, The Young Ones. Mike (Christopher Ryan) pointed at the screen and belted: “Music!” Suddenly, that now familiar bass riff to Ace of Spades was punching me in the face, and I realised I was listening to one of my favourite songs for the first time. The guitars were smuggling razor blades, the drums were pummelling and through it all … there was Lemmy Kilmister, playing bass and straining his neck to sing into the mic that always seemed a little too high, until you realised it was just right. I sat transfixed, unable to describe what I was seeing or hearing, and unable to understand why I loved it instantly. But it didn’t matter if I didn’t understand. I just knew it kicked ass.”

A lot of people are going to talk about what a tragedy it is that our friend Lemmy died, and lament how sad it is. But I am going to talk about this: the man lived. He lived his life on his terms right up until the day he died. He played the music he loved. He never compromised, on style or volume. If there was ever a man who took no shit, prisoners or safe routes, it was Lemmy Kilmister. He was everything you wanted him to be: raw, loud, rude, funny and ready to play for his fans – which he did even when he had trouble getting on stage.

He will never be forgotten, because there is so much to remember: his music, his friendship and most importantly, his life. His name was Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister…and he played rock’n’roll. Rest hard and loud, my friend.

Tribute via The Guardian


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