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Conceived By Hate/Akheron: “Coalition of Death” Album Review by Jason Zins!


Conceived By Hate/Akheron: “Coalition of Death” Album Review by Jason Zins!

There’s something more tribal and raw about death metal that is spawned anywhere other than Europe or North America. It’s not polished or forgiving in any way. Bring forth El Salvador’s Conceived By Hate and Columbia’s Akheron and their split Coalition of Death.

While both bands have roots solidly in death metal, that’s about the only similarity between the two. Akheron have a distinctly more ’80s-style thrash sound while Conceived by Hate‘s roots are directly in the old-school death realm. The album is split right in half, with three original Conceived By Hate songs and their cover of Dissection‘s “Thorns of Crimson Death,” followed by Akheron‘s three originals and their cover of The Misfits’ “Where Eagles Dare.”

Conceived By Hate opens with “Devotees of Death,” a song that is chock-full of razor-sharp riffs, guttural and inhuman vocals, and a chugging groove that forces you to headbang. “Hypocritical Sense of Ego” has a more industrial aura with stellar production. “Embrace The Absurd” has an old-school, slower feel before it veers toward an all-out thrash fest. “Thorns of Crimson Death” is a flawless cover, and it’s one of my favorite songs on the entire album.

Akheron opens their side with “Estigma” and an almost Sepultura feel. “Chemtrail” is more melodic and thrashy, and the guitar solo is fucking killer, too. “In Conformista” sounds like Ride The Lightning-era Metallica musically, and it is definitely my favorite song here. The cover of “Where Eagles Dare” is pretty cool, too.

Coalition of Death took me by surprise. Both bands have something to say, and they say it loud and proud!

Coalition of Death is out March 10 on Morbid Skulls Records.

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