Comeback Kid - Die Knowing

Knowing your niche is a good thing, musically. It means you know what you’re good at, you rarely stray outside your comfort zone, and almost never put out anything lackluster. Sure, you can pepper in little risks here and there, but for the most part, when a fan of your band picks up your new record, they know what they’re getting.

Fans of Comeback Kid should know what Die Knowing has in store for them: mosh parts, gang vocals, little hints of melody. In all, it’s a Comeback Kid record.

This time around, the band is more focused on bringing hardcore rather than melody, kicking off with the sinister feel of the title track. Though personally I think they wasted the build-up by not going for the throat of the listener, they save that for “Lower The Line,” which kicks off a streak of songs that mainly stick to the CBK formula. “Wasted Arrows” is going to be a live staple, while the silly intro to “Losing Sleep” offsets an absolute crusher of a song. “Should Know Better” could show Stick To Your Guns a few things about being catchy and still heavy as shit, while “Unconditional” carries an It Prevails feel in its mantra of “Expect more, embrace more.”

While the last third of the record is predominantly melodic post-hardcore, it doesn’t drag the record down at all. The melody is a very welcome reprieve from the sheer weight of the first two-thirds of the record. Ex-singer Scott Wade pops up on “Full Swing,” bringing with him a little bit of old-school CBK with him. As the last notes of “Sink In” fade out over repeated shouts of “I’m ready if you are,” it makes me ready to say this is one of Comeback Kid’s finest moments and one of the better hardcore records of recent memory.

Die Knowing is out now on Victory Records.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


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