Out of Philadelphia comes the latest release from Coffin Dust, Everything is Dead, a record chock full of guitar gore, violent vocals, bastardly bass and dirge-like drumming that is sure to appease death/thrash metal fans everywhere. It’s hard to believe that songs this violent and vicious were born and bred in the City of Brotherly Love.

Coffin Dust are talented players who can execute the licks when needed and the guttural growls that one comes to expect on a record such as this. From the album cover that would have been at home in a 1960s issue of Creepy magazine to the lightning-fast songs that rip through it, Everything is Dead is a pretty solid release from a band who contains a past member of the legendary Exhumed and a performance of Slayer‘s “Metal Storm/Face the Slayer.”

It’s bands like Coffin Dust that inspire and appeal to young males everywhere who sit and doodle skeletons and boobs on their notebooks, wearing denim jackets with tattered sleeves with hand stitched patches from The Misfits and S.O.D. on them, and reeking of cheap pot. You know … pretty much the majority of readers of SkullsnBones.com.

Everything is Dead is out May 6 on Unholy Anarchy Records. Buy it soon at Coffin Dust’s Bandcamp page here!

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Coffin Dust - Everything is Dead


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