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Chuck Garric Talks About The Upcoming Beasto Blanco Album In Our New Interview!

Chuck Garric Talks About The Upcoming Beasto Blanco Album In Our New Interview!

Chuck Garric Talks About The Upcoming Beasto Blanco Album In Our New Interview!

Chuck Garric is a musician truly living his dream. He’s played with the likes of L.A. Guns and Dio, and has been the bassist for Alice Cooper for over a decade now. Not only that, but he is currently getting ready to release Beasto Blanco‘s second album to the masses. The project that came to life a few years ago features Chuck as the primary songwriter, and with Calico Cooper, Chris Latham, Jan LeGrow and Tim Husung, they’ve created a whole new monster for fans to enjoy. Whether it’s on record or on stage, Beasto Blanco is quintessential rock ‘n’ roll, and I recently got to speak to the man behind it all.

Metal Mark: Chuck, how the hell are you my friend?

Chuck Garric: Doing awesome man! Great to hear from you!

MM: Hell yes! You’re on the road right now with the great Alice Cooper. How’s this run been treating you?

CG: So far so good man. We’ve had about seven or eight shows so far, and just did Carolina Rebellion, which is always a big deal, so I can’t complain. I’m having a blast. We all are man.

MM: I know a lot of bands might get tired of the same routine on the road, but it seems like things would never get boring being on the road with Alice Cooper?

CG: (laughs) Not really man. We try to keep it as fresh as we possibly can ya know. We rip through the classics, and some of the new stuff, but with everything going on during the set, it’s hard to be bored for sure.

MM: You’ve played with Alice for fourteen years now, so what would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned from him over the years?

CG: I would say the biggest thing he’s taught me is to always be professional. If it’s 80,000 people or eight people, he still puts on the same show. He loves what he does. He believes in what he does, and he surrounds himself with the best people possible. I definitely take that approach with Beasto Blanco. I take that mindset, and I’m able to put it to this band, and we’ve had success because of it.

MM: Nice man. Beasto Blanco will be releasing your sophomore record soon, and just like the fans, you must be super excited to get this out there.

CG: Dude. I can not wait. I’ve heard this record, I don’t know a million times, and it rules man. I know everyone says that, but I’m so excited for people to hear it. I’m especially excited to play the new material live, because I think it’s going to sound huge. We are ready man.

MM: As are we! I’m sure with all of your years in the business, the “sophomore slump” is something that doesn’t even cross your mind right?

CG: Not at all man. As soon as you start thinking about failing, then you are fucked. I hear about that from bands all the time, but if you just go in and do what you love, that’s all that matters. That’s my thought process at least.

MM: I totally agree with you on that. Now you’ve called Beasto Blanco a character or lifestyle in the past, so how has that character or lifestyle evolved since the first record?

CG: It’s definitely gotten stronger man. We really dup deep for this record, and I think we needed to with the amount of time we were offered this time around. Because we had more time to make this record, we were able to try all these new things, and the end result is just awesome. Plus, we really concentrated on what would sound good live. When we toured before, we only had the one record, so now the set list will be more open, and it’s going to be awesome. The new music will add a new dynamic to the set, so fans will definitely be pleased.

MM: I like that you put the live show in with the writing process. You definitely put a huge importance on the live show, maybe more than most do nowadays. Is that a tribute to the bands you looked up to?

CG: Definitely. When I go to a show, I want to see a show. Growing up that’s what I saw, and so that’s what I think bands are supposed to do. Whether it was Iron Maiden or Alice Cooper, there’s an element of a show to it, and I always loved that. It makes it more enjoyable for the fans I think. At least it did for me.

Yes, Beasto Blanco is a theatrical band. Behind the theatrics is still that in your face rock ‘n’ roll too. We mix the AC/DC, Ted Nugent, Motorhead type of rock music, with the shows of Alice Cooper, KISS, and others, and it’s becomes a whole new monster. That’s why Calico Cooper fits this band so well. She is, in my mind, one of the best in the business at creating a character and portraying it live. Plus, her talent speaks for itself, so she was the perfect fit in Beasto Blanco.

MM: Speaking of the shows, with the new music coming, will the upcoming tour dates be more focused on the new stuff or will it be a good mix?

CG: It’ll be a mix of both for sure. It’s funny, because as much as we’ve progressed on the new music, it still flows brilliantly with the stuff from the first album. So as far as the shows go, the old stuff will be familiar to the fans, but when we throw the new stuff at you, it’ll be an even bigger experience. It won’t take away from anything, because the balance is there. Beasto Blanco lives on for sure (laughs).

MM: It definitely sounds like there is a ton of freedom with this band, and that’s very important. It allows you to try new things, and people will adapt to it. If other bands try new things, fans run away, but I don’t think that’s the case with this band.

CG: I agree man. I’m very open minded, and I think that’s because of all my years in the business. If someone comes in with an idea, we don’t throw it away automatically. Other bands might, but you could be missing out on something super cool. We let everyone have a voice in this band, and it makes for a better time for all those involved.

MM: Speaking of good times, you guys will be rocking out on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise soon. What else do you have planned in the future?

CG: Yea the Monsters Of Rock Cruise is going to be a blast. We are definitely looking forward to that one, and we have some other stuff planned for sure. It’s all in the works, so I can’t really say much, but starting next year we should be out and about bringing the new material to anyone and everyone we can.

MM: Very cool my friend. I got to say, you hear that some people are meant for music, and you have to be one of them. From the legends you’ve played with, to this exciting new band, you just seem built for the stage. Do you ever think about what you’ve been a part of, and gone holy shit?

CG: All the time man. It’s a trip! I’ve been a very lucky dude. I’ll be talking with friends mentioning Dio or Alice, and I’m like “Oh yea, I played with those dudes.” It’s bizarre, but awesome! I grew up like most guys in bands ya know, idolizing people on my wall, and I’ve been fortunate enough to play with some of them throughout my years. I’m a big believer in visualizing what you want in life, and going after it, and again, I’ve been very lucky to be on stage with these legends. It’s unreal at times, but it’s what I’ve always wanted.

MM: Well you definitely deserve it man. You’ve worked your ass off, and I’m excited as hell to hear the new Beasto Blanco!

CG: Thanks man, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. It’s going to be on fun listen, and even better when you see it live, so I’ll see everyone on the road!