As we learned a few weeks ago, Chthonic will be releasing their seventh studio album, “Bú-Tik“, on June 3rd thanks to the good people at Spinefarm Records! After their masterful “Takasago Army” release in 2011, they quickly became a favorite band of mine and I couldn’t be more excited to hear the new stuff! They already released the song, “Next Republic” (that you can hear below), and now we have the first video off the new record! Check out the “Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace” clip, along with the detailed video description, below!

Video description: “This video is a collaboration between long time working associate, director Chuang Chi-wen and martial arts cheographer, Jeremy Yang and uses martial arts to express the album’s title “Bú-Tik”.”

Band’s Leader Doris says: The main reason is because “Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace”‘s song ideology was really suited for using martial arts to express it’s platform and after exploring many different ideas, the band members still decided to go with this direction.”
Doris further explained: “Whenever we are interviewed overseas, we are always asked if Asians know martial arts, and before, we would immediately deny it, but afterwards, we suddenly thought; “why don’t we really shoot such an MV for you guys?”

To shoot this video, the band members spent more than one month training, working on their fitness, practicing martial arts, wire training. Despite all that, on the day of shooting the video, all the members suffered numerous injuries, with bruising all over their bodies; the skin Freddy’s back was particularly blistered by all the wires. Afterwards, he said with a wry smile, “next time, we can’t just follow whatever doris says, her ideas are often very dangerous.”

The background of this music video is Bú-Tik Palace in Tainan, shooting the real scene and combining it with 3D technique. After seeing the best-preserved Bú-Tik Palace in Tainan, Chthonic decided to use this Taiwan historical sight as the main scene of this video. With the support of Tainan city hall, the director and the entire crew successfully made the first martial art video with Taiwan historical monument scenes.”




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