Chris Drapeau Debuts His First Solo Track!

Do you love riffs? Do you love solos? Of course you do! Why the hell would you be on this site if you didn’t right? Well we have a treat for you today! Former Thy Will Be Done guitarist, Chris Drapeau, will be releasing his first solo instrumental album, “Zetetic“, on October 9th, and we have the first single streaming for you today! As he did in his days with Thy Will Be Done, Chris has flawlessly pieced together technical riffs with amazing solos, and the “A Trace Of Fire” single has unbelievable energy for an instrumental track! We’ll have more from this upcoming release very soon for you, but for now, blast “A Trace Of Fire” below, thanks to our good friends at Horns Up Rocks, and pre-order “Zetetic” today! The riffs and solos demand it!


We Deliver!

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