Chris Adler Says “There Is Talk” Of A Megadeth And Lamb Of God North American Tour!

As we all know, Lamb Of God‘s Chris Adler is behind the kit on Megadeth‘s new album, “Dystopia“, which is coming out on January 22nd, and he’s just hinted at something very big for North America! Chris will be drumming for both bands as they travel the U.K. together, but that tour just might be heading our way too! In a new interview on the Eddie Trunk Podcast, he said this: “There is talk of having us do a North American run together early next year, so I’d be doing it every night.

How is this even possible? He added: “I’m carb-loading before the show. I have been working really, really hard over the past probably 10 years to keep myself in shape. What I try to do is about a 10-mile run every day, and then I play the Lamb of God show. So I figure those two things together are probably gonna equal what I do with these guys.

Of course this touring package has been rumored since we first learned that Chris was on Megadeth‘s new record, but now that’s there is talk about it, this might actually happen! I would love to see him kill it live with both Lamb Of God and Megadeth! It would be insane! Let’s hope this becomes a reality in 2016!

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