Child Bite Releases "Born A Hog" To The Masses!

The awesome Child Bite will be releasing their new album, “Negative Noise“, on April 1st via Housecore Records. What can we expect? The press release calls the record a “forty-seven-minute pulsing ball of energy filled with furious jabs and paranoia-fueled explosions.” Excited to hear it right? Hell yes you are! Do you want to hear a new song right now? Hell yes you do! Thanks to Decibel Magazine, you can blast “Born A Hog” below!

Here’s what they said on the song: “‘Born A Hog” is about how much it would suck to be born a hog,” considers vocalist Shawn Knight. “I eat my fair share of bacon, but I can’t help keeping in mind where it comes from. Interesting how we choose certain animals to eat and others to pamper. I’ve got two pet dogs, but I also eat bacon. Kinda fucked up when you think about it. Thinking too much about anything can ruin the experience, but I believe that the least I can do for that pig is to make myself feel a little guilty while I’m eating him. We were stoked to get a real pig on the track too; you can hear sweet Lucy squealing at the very end of the song.



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