Nergal, from the mighty Behemoth, has officially released his autobiography, “Spowiedz Heretyka – Sacrum Profanum,” in Poland via Publisher G&J! For those of us wanting an English version, it sounds like it may actually happen sometime next year in Nergal’s latest update: “Hi there! My book “Confession Of The Heretic” is finally released in Poland. Looks fuckin amazing and I’m shopping around trying to find a SOLID publisher abroad (specializing in rock literature) who’d be willing to release it in 2013. Translation is in progress. If u know any, pls contact me at this email address: Thank u!

Ready for another trailer for the autobiography?!?

The fifth trailer has appeared online and you can watch all of them below! I hope we get an English version sooner than later! All hailz Nergal!


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