Over the weekend a wax figure of the late and great Dimebag Darrell was unveiled at the Rock Legend Wax Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada! Personally, wax figures freak me the fuck out, but anything to keep Dime’s memory alive is okay in my book! Plus, it looks pretty badass! Here’s what Mandy de Vere, the person behind Dime’s statue being erected, had to say on the figure: “Today is the day we unveil The Dimebag Wax Figure, to all of you for your support THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!I need to thank a few people who deserve it: First and foremost VINNIE F$*KIN PAUL THANK YOU for all your support you are very special to me your strength is incredible and i am so very very thankful for all your kind words and you keeping me going when times get hard (that fuckin smile does it every time)
You sir, truly are a beast and I am so glad we have you’re back in music!#1 Another huge Thanks to The Rock Legends Wax Museum for making the wax figure idea a reality for all your hard work and dedication to see our beloved Dime memorialized this way is amazing. I would like to thank all my friends and family and The Mangry Crew for putting up with me. (1 am me waking you up to a new idea for the wax figure),for all your love, support,and understanding! A huge thank you to all the bands and Dime’s friends for your support! THANK YOU DIMEBAG FOR ALWAYS INSPIRING US YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST TO US, WE ALWAYS HAVE YOU IN OUR HEARTS,THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU GAVE US MISS YOU SO MUCH! To all of you that can’t make the trip with us we will take you all with us! NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOUR DREAMS THEY REALLY CAN COME TRUE! TO ALL THAT ARE COMING TODAY SAFE TRAVELS AND SEE YOU ALL THERE! GETCHA PULL 4 DIME!

Check out photos and more of the wax figure below! Rest in peace DIME! m/



Story Via The Metal Den

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