Seas Of Wake has been making their presence well known over the past few months in the NYC metal scene and recently won the Battle For The Mayhem Festival in New Jersey! Luckily for me, my NY brother Tim No37, knows these guys well and set me up with a brief interview with the guys! Tim is a HUGE supporter of the band, and after many listens to their “Virology” album, I now understand why! Their mixture of influences is something special, and the energy from their live shows is unbelievable! Check out live videos and the quick interview with the guys below!

MM- For those people that haven’t heard you before, how would you best describe the musical style of the band?

Well we certainly consider ourselves a metal band and we aim to keep a driving pulse throughout all of our songs. We have an arsenal of different styles and influences at our disposal which can be extremely useful when trying to be unique. So those who haven’t heard us can expect a fusion of heavy elements, fast solos, relatable lyrics and melodic choruses that fit the mood.

MM- Your album, “Virology”, is an impressive mixture of styles. When it comes to your songwriting, who are the biggest influences? It seems all over the place, but in a good way!

Thank you. We all grew up listening to different genres and ultimately pulling influences from them all. Our drummer Rick has been influenced by other drummers such as Tom Noonan of 36 Crazyfists, Joey Jordison
of Slipknot and Ryan Parrish, former drummer of Darkest Hour. Our guitarist Bill has been influenced by bands such as Thrice, Killswitch Engage and Periphery. Mike has been influenced by other guitarists such as Jim Root of Slipknot, Rob Flynn of Machinehead and Matt Heafy of Trivium. Shaun has been influenced by vocalists such as Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw, Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die and Micah Kinard of Oh Sleeper.

So you were right – all over the place!

MM- If you could choose one song that best represents that album or the future of the band, what would it be?

Our song “Padded Walls” best represents Virology since it is extremely driving, long and it is the closing track of the album. We purposely composed the song in a way where it climaxes into a dramatic end to finish out the album (not just the song), which is essentially a display of how our goal will always be to write albums, not just compilations of songs.

MM- You have the big Mayhem Festival spot that you won, what are you most looking forward with that?

We are definitely looking forward to sharing the stage with some of our favorite musicians and biggest influences. Some of us have attended previous Mayhem Festivals and each year ends up being a perfect reflection of the year prior. It’s just a damn good time we are honored to be a part of it this year.

MM- What can people expect when they come to see you live?

Lots of energy, melted faces and soaked panties.

MM- For the last question, there are a TON of unsigned bands out there, what sets you apart?

We’ve been told that our concept album and our live performance have set us apart from other bands. We respect all other talent and we genuinely enjoy playing out with anyone and everyone at all shows. However, we don’t take the term “show” lightly. If we wanted to just get up there and play our songs in front of people we would simply invite them to our practice space where they could see the same thing. They could even drink the sweat from our mesh shorts if it meant giving them something new. People give up their hard-earned cash to go out and have an experience; therefore we strive to give them exactly that. We aim to put on a visual performance and if we are not sweating, bleeding or vomiting by the end of that performance then we have not done our job – and we only feel accomplished if even at least one person leaves with the mindset that they are now a fan of Seas of Wake.

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