Cemetery Urn

Australian Barbaric Death Metal.

Um … yeppers! This is pretty much what you get here on Cemetery Urn‘s self-titled album. It is non-stop, brutal death metal from “down under,” mates! Throw another corpse on the barbie, and let’s jam out some Cannibal Corpse on didgeridoos!

This album is pretty much a 40 minute slab of head-thrashing, neck-cracking, spine-shattering gruesomistic metal, boys and girls. Cemetery Urn have figured out Australian barbaric death metal to a “T.”

Cemetery Urn is out June 9 on Hells Headbangers. Pre-order it here!

Cementery Urn - Promo Photo

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  1. […] King Rhino really likes the new Cemetery Urn album. How much? So much so that he was possessed to “throw another corpse on the barbie.” (Read his review here.) […]

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