Cavalera Conspiracy: “Psychosis” Album Review


Cavalera Conspiracy: “Psychosis” Album Review

You couldn’t visit a metal website within the last year without reading about Cavalera Conspiracy performing Sepultura‘s Roots in its entirety on tour. Everyone knows that Max and Igor Cavalera left Sepultura behind in a very acrimonious split, so to hear them revisit that classic record was an interesting and pretty bad-ass endeavor. However, with the release of their new Cavalera Conspiracy album, Psychosis, it’s pretty obvious that they can leave their past and Sepultura behind. This bitch is a motherfucker of a metal album.

Where to begin … The production is absolutely spot on in both the sound quality and the mix, and the musicianship is  beyond topnotch. This is old school death, thrash, and black metals all rolled into one headbanging package. The songs themselves are the key point here. Every track will singe the hairs on your ass until they are black and crispy. I can honestly say that I will be very surprised if Psychosis doesn’t end up on just about every metal journalist’s top 10 list for 2017.

Buy this fucking album now and thank me later. From stand outs like “Insane” and “Judas Pariah” to “Crom,” I guarantee that will you be listening to this record on repeat for quite awhile. To Cavalera Conspiracy, thank you and congratulations for Psychosis. Metal needed something like this and you fucking delivered in spades!

Pyschosis is out November 17 on Napalm Records. Buy it here!

Cavalera Conspiracy - Promo - 2017