2014 kicked off with the awesome news that Cavalera Conspiracy had started recording their new album! As Max said in my interview with the legend last year, this record will be more of a brutal grindcore attack on our senses, which sounds absolutely incredible! Now we have a new update and my excitement level is at an all time high! Here’s what producer John Gray said on the new material, “This is by far the fastest and heaviest record I have ever had the pleasure of working on with Max Cavalera. Max, Igor and Marc were on the same page musically from the moment they walked in the door, and recording this album was a very smooth process. I had never worked with Igor Cavalera before and I was very impressed with his ability to work out the arrangements with Max and get some extremely complex drum parts done live with hardly any re-takes necessary. Marc Rizzo, as always, was spot-on and a true guitar virtuoso. I love to work with Marc because he always pushes himself to perfection, but he is very down to earth and keeps things light when he’s under pressure. What can I say about Nate Newton- he killed it on the bass tracks with very little back and forth. I’m really impressed with his talent, and I look forward to meeting him someday.

OH HELL YES! I’m a lifelong support of Max Cavalera and anything he does, so I’m more ready than ever to hear this new Cavalera Conspiracy record! The Cavalera brothers have never disappointed us before, and I don’t see them doing it with this new stuff either, so the time to start getting excited is NOW! BRING IT ON!



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