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Cavalera Conspiracy: “Babylonian Pandemonium” Single Released!


Cavalera Conspiracy: “Babylonian Pandemonium” Single Released!

Are you ready for the Cavalera brothers to break your neck next month?! The great Cavalera Conspiracy will be unleashing their new album, “Pandemonium,” on November 4th via Napalm Records, and today we have just another preview of why this is one of my favorite albums of the year. We’ve heard “Bonzai Kamakazi” and the album preview, and thanks to Loudwire, we can blast “Babylonian Pandemonium” right here, right now! As Max Cavalera said in my recent interview with the legend, it’s easily the heaviest of all three Cavalera Conspiracy, and trust me, he isn’t lying. The whole album is a MONSTER! Get ready and pre-order your copy NOW!

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