Cattle Decapitation: “The Anthropocene Extinction” Album Review By Jamie Lee!

Plenty of metal acts have infused brutality into their aggressive instrumentation by channeling horror and gore, but when the subject matter mines reality, it can be far more harrowing.

Case in point is Cattle Decapitation’s The Anthropocene Extinction, a brutal song-set that takes the maniacal even further by picking up where Monolith Of Inhumanity left off and focusing the lyrics describing not just the environmental damage that Mother Earth is suffering at the hands of humankind, but it’s destructive repercussions on the people of the world. It works, with Travis Ryan alternating between demon growl and fork-tongued scowl to create a schizophrenic forecast of pain and suffering on these 12 dark tracks.

The Anthropocene Extinction isn’t just a statement on the world’s wounded condition by Cattle Decapitation, but it also defines a new level of songwriting by Ryan, guitarist Josh Elmore, bassist Derek Engemann and drummer Dave McGraw. The abusive grind of the album-opening “Manufactured Extinct” is tempered by a melodic chorus that digs its hooks in deep, while “Plaugeborne” follows a similar path, threatening to combust before drifting into a crawling chorus that offers a slight reprieve. Perhaps the most telling song, “Pacific Grim,” closes the album foreshadowing the bleakness with a time-shifting chugs, fierce blasts and catchy elements that offer little as far as hope.  Special guests add to The Anthropocene Extinction’s onslaught, with Tristan Shone, otherwise known as Author & Punisher, contributing to the aforementioned “Plagueborne” and Phil Anselmo adding vocals to “The Prophets of Loss.”

Cattle Decapitation may or may not be death metal psychics, but it is impossible to question the power and perfection of The Anthropocene Extinction.

The Anthropocene Extinction is out August 7 on Metal Blade Records. Buy it here!

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