Cattle Decapitation Shares The Making Of “The Anthropocene Extinction” With The World!

I know there are a lot of great releases still to come out in 2015, but one that I absolutely can not wait to hear is the new Cattle Decapitation album. With each release, Cattle Decapitation has pushed the genre of extreme metal to it’s boundaries, and have evolved their signature sound to something that is instantly recognizable to anyone with ears. Their importance in the scene may go unnoticed for years to come, but what these guys are doing is unique, brutal and honest. It’s very important people. Bring on “The Anthropocene Extinction” on August 7th!

But how do they put all this chaotic music together? Where does it all come from? Thanks to Noisey, we now have an inside look at the guys making their highly anticipated release. Spend fifteen minutes with the band in the studio below, and in case you haven’t yet, pre-order “The Anthropocene Extinction” immediately!

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