Tyr Live Photos from The Palladium in Worcester, MA 2019

Demons & Wizards (featuring Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian, and Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth)embarked on a fantastic North American tour starting on August 17th. This was their first and ONLY North American tour, and was everything that I had hoped it would be. They brought the Mighty Tyr with their Viking and Mythology based Folk Metal. And the everlasting

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Avatar - Jonas "Kungen" Jarlsby, John Alfredsson, Johannes Eckerström, Tim Öhrström, John Alfredsson

Avatar Live Photos from The Aragon Ballroom 2019

Avatar is currently on tour with Babymetal for their last leg of the Avatar Country tour cycle. The tour made a stop at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois where I was able to capture the band one last time. As the opening band, Avatar had an abbreviated, 8 song set. What stood out to me was even with an

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Prong - Blood Out of Stone

Prong Release “Blood Out Of Stone” Music Video

You probably haven’t forgotten about Prong‘s 2017 album Zero Days, and they have provided a reminder in the form of a music video for “Blood Out Of Stone.” Prong are continuing to tour North America in support of their recent Zero Days release with Agnostic Front and Hatebreed. Bu Zero Days here! Prong North American Tour 2019: With Agnostic Front

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Monteith - Cover

Monteith: “Monteith Mania” Album Review

Hailing from New Brunswick (the Canada one, not the New Jersey one) comes Monteith who are throwing their hats into the ring to see if they have what it takes to wear the crown in our search with Steel Panther to find the creme de la creme in the unsigned and unknown bands out there around the world. Monteith draw their

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Playhouse - Rock and Roll Circus

Playhouse: “The Rock N’ Roll Circus” EP Review

Hey, Steel Panther! Do yourselves and your fans the biggest favor in the world on your next tour in Canada. Get Playhouse as your opening band! If there was ever a more perfect rock show line-up, it’s Steel Panther and Playhouse! I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Playhouse before Brother Jamie Lee sent me their EP, The Rock

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Lower 13 - Cover

Lower 13: “Restore the Order” Album Review

Lower 13 bend minds immediately upon launching into “Swallowed by the Light” off of Restore the Order. Jigsaw riffing and labyrinth leads accompany a rhythmic stomp that set these Clevelanders apart from others of their ilk. This marks the third release from this intense trio who craft a sound that exceeds their makeup. The twelve tracks are propelled by rhythmic

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Slayer - Relentless Killology

Slayer Announce “The Repentless Killology” Movie and Album

Slayer continue their victory lap before retiring, and they are nearing the launch of The Final Campaign, the last leg of their Final World Tour, on November 2 in Asheville, North Carolina. But for those who have been unable to catch the thrash titans over the last couple of years, they are delivering a new movie , entitled Slayer: The

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Burning The Dream: “Dark Waters” EP Review

Coming in like a nuclear wrecking ball, we have Burning the Dream from Scotland throwing their kilts into the ring in our SnB/Steel Panther “Unsigned Bands Death Match.” OK, it’s not really a death match … maybe a “Fuck Them Up Until They Have To Limp Home Cupping Their Bruised Balls Match,” though. And, trust me, I pity any band

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Rifftera: “Across The Acheron” Album Review

Rifftera live up to their name. The Finns have been a band since 2010, albeit with lineup shift over the years, but with Across the Acheron, they deliver death metal riffs with sharp, melodic hooks that marry guttural and clean singing with a rhythmic gallop that is impossible to ignore. “Burning Paradise”demonstrates their craft with a menacing guitar stomp and

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