Pestis Inferos: “Beyond the Veil of Light” EP Review

The beauty that lies within today’s black metal is that it no longer has to come from the Scandinavian region to be considered and, pardon the oft used term, “kvlt.” Perhaps it is because of the ease of the digital age or it could be due to the fact that black metal is more common and doesn’t have the underground

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Post Pulse, The Price You Paid

Post Pulse, “The Price You Paid” EP Released, Including Jimi Hendrix, “Crosstown Traffic” Cover

The last couple of months Post Pulse has been working with the extraordinary Ryan Kelly at Garden Sound Studio in the U.S. to lock in a good sound and the result is the powerful & aggressive EP, The Price You Paid. Mastered by Andreas Andersson at Servant Studio, the two-song release captures the Post Pulse sound, but presents it in a better way than the band’s previous self-mixed releases. The

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