Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2016

Tuska 2016 Announces Testament and Primordial Performances!

It seems like only yesterday Tuska announced Behemoth and Tsjuder appearances, and already today the organizers back up their unspoken promise of 110% bad-assery at the 2016 open air metal festival by announcing Testament and Primordial!  It’s a strong start to the lineup and already I’m preparing my liver for the party that is little more than half a year away! Testament

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My Funeral Releases New Track, “Speed of Death”, To The Masses!

Are you ready for some underground thrash?!  I sure am, and I’ve got my ticket to see these guys bring Helsinki to its knees on March 13th.  I’m assuming a lot of you aren’t going to swim here (mostly because the ocean is frozen at the moment) so how about a preview track from the band’s upcoming album? My Funeral‘s new record,

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Tuska 2015 Schedule Announced! Sabaton To Headline Friday Night!

Sabaton was announced as Friday’s headliner for this year’s Tuska Open Air Metal Festival and the festival organizers have announced the tentative schedule! They’ve really spread things out this year which will make for an awesome weekend of metal for everyone in attendance. Not all of the bands have been announced, but with Lamb of God, Exodus and Ghost Brigade on

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Timo Häkkinen To Replace Kai Hahto In Wintersun!

What in the name of the metal gods?! Kai Hahto is letting the backbone of one of the pinnacle underground Finnish metal groups, Sotajumala, take his place in Wintersun while he focuses on Nightwish. While my mind is blown that someone other than Kai will be performing the Wintersun music, I’m incredibly excited to see what Timo Häkkinen can bring to

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Nightwish drummer Jukka Nevalainen announced on Nightwish‘s facebook page today that he is stepping aside from the band for an undetermined amount of time to deal with sever insomnia.  He said he’s been dealing with this for some time and that it’s getting the better of him these days.  Kai Hahto will be replacing Jukka on the upcoming album. Here is

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