Torchia Are Caught In The Act In Music Video For “Face Of Hate”

Finland’s Torchia cannon-balled into Taiwan in the fall of last year for their “A Curse Upon Taiwan” tour, and they returned with some impressive video footage. Fortunately for fans new and old, they have compiled the footage into a video for “Face of Hate” from their Of Curses and Grief release. Watch the video below, and buy Torchia‘s Of Curses

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Humangod - Promo

Humangod Release “Real Me” Video, Kick Off Eastern European Tour

The fleet-fingered runs that introduce Humangod‘s “Real Me” come extremely close to mirroring flight. It is the first outstanding performance of several on a seven-plus-minute track from these progressive Finns who are kicking off an Eastern European tour today. If you aren’t familiar with Humangod, watch the video of “Real Me” below. And if you cross paths with them on

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Affection Fan The Flames In “Thousand Mirrors”

Fire! Fire! Fire! There is plenty of it in Affection‘s new video for “Thousand Mirrors” from their forthcoming album. Add in imagery that recalls elements of Poltergeist and The Ring, and the chugging guitars offer an ominous soundtrack with vocalist Andy H.C. singing from behind the flames. Keep an eye on the Finnish four-piece and their debut coming later this year.

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SkullsNBones Is Looking For New Contributors!

What a week for SkullsNBones! Metal Mark is retiring from the site, Jamie Lee is stepping into the Managing Editor role, our Facebook page is 3k likes away from 200,000 and we shared a video showing you how to make your own Flamethrower Guitar!!  God Damn, can this week get any more intense? YES! SkullsNBones is looking for some new volunteers

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