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Bleeding Gods Deliver A Lesson In Shred On “Beloved By Artemis” Playthrough

There’s no denying Bleeding Gods‘ fleet-fingered shredding, but it is even more impressive to see it. The band released Dodekathlon in January, and their new playthrough video features “Beloved By Artemis” from the album. What’s even more exciting is their approach to the playthrough, given that it features Ramon Ploeg (guitar), Rutger Van Noordenburg (guitar), and Gea Mulder (bass). This track sounds ultra-complex on the album, and

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Kataklysm’s JF Dagenais Shreds Necks In “Guillotine” Playthrough

Kataklysm just recently released a music video for “Guillotine,” and now they have followed it up with a guitar playthrough for the track. “Guillotine” is the first single from the band’s Meditations which drops June 1 on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Not only will the album feature 10 fresh tracks, it will include a bonus DVD featuring live performances of Shadows &

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Cattle Decapitation Launch “Circo Inhumanitas” Play-Through Video

The Anthropocene Extinction was released more than two years, but the much-lauded album continues to keep Cattle Decapitation very busy. They are currently headlining The North American Extinction Tour Part II: Inhuman Beings, and they have launched a guitar play-through for “Circo Inhumanitas” featuring the band’s own Josh Elmore. If you are one of the few who don’t own the album,

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Cannabis Corpse - Promo

Cannabis Corpse Release Guitar Playthrough For “In Dank Purity”

Ray Suhy, guitarist for Cannabis Corpse and Six Feet Under, has released a new guitar play-through for the Cannabis Corpse track “In Dank Purity” from the bands release, Left Hand Pass. The video premiered on Ultimate-Guitar. Suy explains: I’m excited to share the play-through video of the song “In Dank Purity” taken from our album Left Hand Pass. This is the second song we

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Expulsion Release Guitar Playthrough Of “Total Human Genocide”

Expulsion may be a new collective, but they pay their debts to old school, ’80s extreme metal. This homage is on full display on their debut album, Nightmare Future, out now on Relapse Records. The band – featuring Matt Olivo (Repulsion), Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gruesome), Danny Walker (Intronaut, Exhumed, Phobia) and Menno Verbaten (Lightning Swords Of Death) – have release a guitar

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Reaping Asmodeia - Tour

Reaping Asmodeia Announce Tour, Release Guitar Playthrough Video

Reaping Asmodeia released Impuritize on Prosthetic Records in February, and the Minneapolis-based tech death horde have now released a guitar playthrough for the track “The Clemency Guise” from the album. Drummer Daniel John Koppy says: All of us in Reaping stay busy on and off stage.  Whether we are performing, recording, or writing, we keep the Reaper oil burning.  We figure

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Steffen Kummerer

Steffen Kummerer, Obscura, “Septuagint” Guitar Playthrough

The technical guitar player and vocalist from Obscura – Steffen Kummer, has released an official guitar playthrough video for their single “Septuagint”. This heavy riffed song from their album Omnivium,  released in 2011 by Relapse Records is known to be one of their best albums ever recorded. Obscura will be playing in July at Tech Fest 2017 in the UK.  More details here. Now watch

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Monte Pittman

Monte Pittman Releases “Oblivion” Playthrough Video

Guitarist Monte Pittman‘s elaborate fretwork is amazing to listen to, but watching the guitarist play is even more impressive. In his new video playthrough for “Obliterated” off of last year’s Inverted Grasp of Balance, fans have a front row seat for an in-studio performance that is full of his shredding. Watching Pittman’s left hand and fingers is like watching some intricate dance where digits

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