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Artillery, The Face Of Fear

Artillery, “Crossroads To Conspiracy” Released From Upcoming “The Face Of Fear” Record

Artillery, will release The Face Of Fear tomorrow via Metal Blade Records, but you can listen to the second single off the new record right now!  Guitarist Michael Stutzer commented on “Crossroads To Conspiracy“: “Crossroads To Conspiracy was one of the very last songs we crafted, and it’s a hard-hitting melodic thrash metal song with the typical Artillery riffing. The lyrics are about how you

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Chrome Division - One Last Ride - Promo Photo

Chrome Division Release Lyric Video For “Walk Away In Shame”

Chrome Division, the heavy rock band featuring Dimmu Borgir‘s Shagrath, are returning for their final album release. After 15 years the band will sign off with their fifth album, One Last Ride, on November 16 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. They have now released a lyric video for the track “Walk Away In Shame.” Shaggrath comments on the unique composition: I think

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Gorod - Aethra - Promo Photo

Gorod Deliver Lyric Video For Title Track From “Aethra”

The technical death visionaries in Gorod are releasing Aethra on October 19 via Overpowered Records, and it is a crushing release that brims with sonic intensity. They have now released a lyric video for the album’s title track. Vocalist Julien Deyres writes: “Aethra” refers precisely to the complexity of naming, especially when it comes to distant entities both in space

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Machine Head - Live Photos From Vinyl Music 2018

Machine Head Release Lyric Video For “Triple Beam”

Machine Head are in the midst of a farewell tour for the current incarnation of the band, and they have now released a lyric video for “Triple Beam.” “Triple Beam” is included on their most recent release, Catharsis, which is out now on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The track boasts an unapologetic nu-metal approach and engages themes of drug use and

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Cultural Warfare - Warmageddon - Promo

Music Video: Cultural Warfare, “Eyes Of The Land”

Cultural Warfare‘s Warmaggedon is a monster of a thrash album, and the band are celebrating Native Americans with their new video for “Eyes of the Land.” Vocalist Jacques Serrano, who has Native American lineage, writes: Cultural Warfare are very proud to have created a song that represents Native Americans. The song captures their spirit and strength and puts them in

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Lucifer's Child - The Order - Promo

Music Video: Lucifer’s Child Unleash “The Order”

Today’s black metal progenitors sea-saw between grinding savagery and lo-fi noise, with the latter being a frequent call to arms for those who consider themselves “trve.” So it is refreshing to hear a track from Greece’s Lucifer’s Child who channel the dark lord with a righteous pummeling on “The Order” from the forthcoming album of the same name. It will

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Post Pulse, Monster In Me

Post Pulse, “Monster In Me” Music Video & Download

Post Pulse are working hard to make songs perfect, with a “work on a song & release it’ philosophy.”  “Monster In Me” is the latest installation of this, coming only a few months after the Dead Like Silence EP and the second non-album release since the debut record, Halls of the Damned, in early 2017. The track is available for free download right

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