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Don Tardy Talks Obituary, New Album And Kitties In New Interview

Obituary. They are to death metal what Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are to rap. OG. Original motherfucking gangsters. Obituary are a “ground zero” band for the sound that is Florida death metal. No one quite knows why Florida became the birthplace of of the genre. It might explain why tens of thousands of old people head there to live out their

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Azreal’s Luke Hosking Talks Metal In New Video Interview

Australia’s thrash metal band Azeal took the stage February 12th in Denver, Colorado, at The Summit Music Hall on their first North American tour, and their frontman took time to chat with CinnSity about some thrash metal from down under! They are currently on the Bound by the Road Tour with DevilDriver, Death Angel, Winds of Plague, and The Agonist. The Bound

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Zao’s Jeff Gretz Talks “The Well-Intentioned Virus” In New Interview

Photo by Allix Johnson The music world was recently gifted with the devastatingly killer new album from Zao, The Well-Intentioned Virus. Fans waited years for the record to be released and are not disappointed. Its angst-filled, brooding songs are carried along by intricate and spot-on playing that capture every moment of emotions that the band wanted to get across. SkullsnBones

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