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GWAR - The Blood of Gods - Cover

GWAR Return With “The Blood Of Gods” And New Track

The Scumdogs of the Universe are back! GWAR have announced a new album, entitled The Blood of Gods, set for release on October 20 via Metal Blade Records. To celebrate this announcement, the band have released the first single from the album, “Fuck This Place.” The Berserker Blothar says of the track: “Fuck This Place,” the name says it all.

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Exhumed - Death Revenge Cover

Exhumed Announce “Death Revenge,” Stream First Track

The gore fiends in Exhumed are back with their sixth studio album, and true to their horror-inspired roots, it is a concept album in 13 parts based on shocking events that are allegedly true. Entitled Death Revenge, the album brims with evil, and it will see the light of day on October 13 via Relapse Records. Frontman Matt Harvey comments: We’re

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Primitive Man - Caustic Cover

Primitive Man Announce “Caustic,” Stream First Track

Metal doesn’t get any more bleak and doom-y than when played by Denver, Colorado’s Primitive Man. The trio will release of their second full-length, Caustic, on October 6 via Relapse Records. The album was recorded and produced at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (Cobalt, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation) and includes 75-minutes of bone-crushing heaviness. “My Will” is the first track to

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Watain - European Tour 2

Watain Announce New Album, European Tour Dates

The almighty Watain have announced that a new album is on the way and will see the light on January 5, 2018. The black metal horde will also play a select number of European shows to coincide with its release, and tickets will be available on Friday, August 4. While details are sketchy at the moment, it is exciting day

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Cavalera Conspiracy Will Release ‘Psychosis’ This October

It feels like only yesterday we were raising drinks in the air to celebrate Max & Igor Cavalera reuniting with Cavalera Conspiracy and bringing their epic combined sound to the world once again.  Now we learn the bands fourth studio album will be here this coming October!  This band’s legacy is being built as something more than a special moment in

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Khazaddum, “The Deathless Crown” Music Video Released

Milwaukee, Wisconsin based metal band Khazaddum will release their second record, Plagues Upon Arda on August 19th.  I hadn’t heard of them before this video but the band sounds super-heavy and has a J.R.R. Tolkien theme, so, ya-know, it must be fucking awesome.  “The Deathless Crown” video is not bad for an underground band and I have to hand it to the guys

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Afterbirth (Members Of Helmet, Artificial Brain, Buckshot Facelift) Reveal Track, “Sifting Through The Sands Of The Unholy”

Afterbirth might have a sound in your head once you learn they consist of members from Helmet, Artificial Brain and Buckshot Facelift) but you you would be a bit off.  The group is pretty eclectic and while the music is about as intense as you might imagine, the almost progressive nature of the track, “Sifting Through The Sands Of The Unholy,” takes the

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New Orchestral Winds Of Plague New Record Is Almost Done

It’s no small statement by Johnny Plague to say, “After 10 years of music I finally feel I’m going to get the WOP record I’ve always wanted.”  That’s what’s happening right now in the Winds of Plague world.  The band is particularly brutal as we all know so I am excited to see how they put things together with the orchestra

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Nine Inch Nails Release Second Music Video, “This Isn’t The Place”

There is a gothy-looking teenage boy inside my head right now jumping for joy about the new Nine Inch Nails EP, Add Violence which comes out this Friday.  So far we’ve heard two new tracks off the record and they’re very much what I was hoping I would hear. I know there has been a debate for decades whether or not NIN belongs

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Justice For The Damned, “No Flowers On Your Grave” Streaming Now

Justice For The Damned is pretty aggressive and kind of suits my mood as I’m typing this… that mood being that I want to punch someone in the fucking teeth.  Violent?  Yes.  Now you get the idea.  “No Flowers On Your Grave” is pretty straight forward and to the point and the production of the recording is really good. The

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