Wisconsin is not known as a hotbed of death metal, but if it’s up to Casket Robbery, that will soon change. These guys play a brand of metal that encompasses not only death, but it introduces groove elements, technicality and melody. They don’t try to hide their fascination with horror movies and serial killers the least bit on their debut, Evolution of Evil, as each song delves into this macabre world in one way or the other. Underground horror legend Cory Udler even makes an appearance on “Undead Living Hell.”

“Annibelle’s Hell” opens the album without mercy, and the guttural vocals of Dustin Foesch sound like they are straight from the depths of hell, although they are also easily understandable. It sounds like a cross between Pantera and Devildriver with some Cannibal Corpse thrown in for good measure. “Blood Bathory” keeps the beating going with blast beats and riffs heavy enough to penetrate straight to the brain. The minute electronic elements weaved here and there are crushing, too. “Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre” almost has an Obituary aura, and it’s slower with a chainsaw-like grind to it that is fucking brutal. “Final Chapter” is an all-out death metal feast. The chorus is neck-breaking, but it is also memorable and catchy. It is everything anyone could ever ask for in metal and my favorite here. “Undead Living Hell” is a spoken word gem hidden halfway through the album. It’s different, but very cool. “Pray For Death” has a more melancholy tone, and the blast beats mix very well with the droning guitars. “Curse of the Nightstalker” is a riff-heavy, groove-oriented monster of a song. The chorus is melodic, but it will peel the paint off the walls if played loud enough. “Encroaching Darkness” is another warp-speed punisher with a Devildriver-like groove to it. The vocals are nothing short of awesome. “Cyanide Skies” has a more Whitechapel feel, and the chugging, rolling bass will leave you breathless at maximum volume. “The Asylum” closes the album while encompassing all of the aforementioned influences. It’s a melodic, heavier-than-hell neck-breaker!

Casket Robbery are out to prove something to the world, and with Evolution of Evil, they are poised to do just that. It’s a killer album!

Evolution of Evil is out March 4 on Mortal Records. Pre-order it here!

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Casket Robbery Evolution


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