Carriage: “Visions” Album Review


Carriage: “Visions” Album Review

In this corner, your next contender in the SkullsnBones/Steel Panther search for the baddest and bitchinest bands in the world, Carriage! And, I gots to tells ya, I was stoked to check these boys out since they hail from my own home state of Virginia. Virginia is for lovers … and, heavy fucking metal!

So, much like your very own King Rhino being born in the Old Dominion state, so was Carriage. They actually hail from the great city of Portsmouth. And after listening to their album, Visions, I can honestly say Virginia knows how to kick ass. This album is a motherfucker in all the best ways. Songwriting, playing, you name it … Carriage should be on your radar, not to mention it has a killer album cover.

How do I describe Carriage? Maybe King Diamond singing with Iron Maiden? Vocalist, Robbie Rainey is a freaking beast. Not only does he have the vocal range of King Diamond more importantly, he has the control. His voice is literally an instrument of it’s own. The double guitar onslaught of Michael Martin and River Ashberry is truly a thing of beauty. But, what are vocals and great guitar playing without a great bass player and drummer? Carriage have this in spades from Tombstone Steve and Randy Ashberry. Production on Visions is ridiculously good. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a big budget record from a headlining international band.

Congrats to Carriage. You guys are getting my first perfect score in the competition … all fives across the board, babies!

Visions is out now on Stormspell Records. Buy it here!

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