HELL FUCKING YES!!! We’ve know for a while now that the legendary Cannibal Corpse has been working on their upcoming album, and now we know when it will be demolishing our ear drums! The icons will be unleashing “A Skeletal Domain” on September 16th via Metal Blade Records, and I personally can’t wait to hear it! As we previously posted, producer Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios said this on the new material, “Goddam this record is just punishing. I can honestly say there is some moments on this record that are just insanity… some of the craziest riffing i’ve ever recorded or been a part of. And there is fresh stuff… moments on this record that have never existed before in metal, or music period. It just sounds huge.

Now that we know when it’s coming, we also have the track listing, amazing cover artwork, and first song for you below! THE TIME TO START GETTING STOKED IS NOW PEOPLE! NEW CANNIBAL CORPSE IS COMING!

Track listing: “High Velocity Impact Spatter”, “Sadistic Embodiment”, “Kill or Become”, “A Skeletal Domain”, “Headlong Into Carnage”, “The Murderer’s Pact”, “Funeral Cremation”, “Icepick Lobotomy”, “Vector Of Cruelty”, “Bloodstained Cement”, “Asphyxiate To Resuscitate”, “Hollowed Bodies”


We Deliver!

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