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Cannibal Corpse Release “Code Of The Slashers” Music Video


Cannibal Corpse Release “Code Of The Slashers” Music Video

Few metal bands have the staying power of Cannibal Corpse. They have been churning out death metal grinders without fail since their inception in 1988, meaning that with nearly 30 notches on their collective belts, they remain as vicious as ever.

They recently announced the forthcoming release of Red Before Black, their fourteenth studio album, and now fans are getting a taste of its contents with the zombie-themed music video for “Code of the Slashers.”

Zev Deans of Panorama Programming directed the video, and he comments:

After crawling through abandoned buildings, crashing our van into a tree in the middle of a scene, witnessing a real stabbing and drenching ourselves in fake blood in a derelict park at 5am, we can safely say this was a proper introduction to the slasher genre for Panorama Programming. We brought a slab of fresh meat back from a rotting metropolis, and we’re serving it to you raw. Come and get it.

Red Before Black was produced by the legendary Erik Rutan, and it promises more of the intensity fans have come to expect from this cult. Bassist Alex Webster writes:

Throughout our career we’ve tried to improve the precision of both our musical execution and our album production, while still maintaining full-on aggression. Red Before Black continues in that direction, but might go even further on the aggressive side of things. It’s definitely precise, but it has a rawness to it that goes beyond anything we’ve done recently.

Red Before Black Track Listing
1. Only One Will Die
2. Red Before Black
3. Code of the Slashers
4. Shedding My Human Skin
5. Remaimed
6. Firestorm Vengeance
7. Heads Shoveled Off
8. Corpus Delicti
9. Scavenger Consuming Death
10. In the Midst of Ruin
11. Destroyed Without a Trace
12. Hideous Ichor

Red Before Black will awaken from its slumber on November 3 and seek worldwide destruction via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order packages are now available here!

Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black - Cover