What more can you say about Cannibal Corpse that hasn’t already been said?

Well … they have really nailed it with album number 13!

While there’s a familiarity to the album that rings to the past releases, A Skeletal Domain eclipses and buries them!  Yes, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher‘s vocals sound basically the same, but how can you improve perfection? He is a living legend in this genre, and he does his job well. Upon first listen I noticed three things right away: The album is darker, if that is even possible for a Cannibal Corpse album; the production is better, while still retaining a raw feel; and the musicianship is incredible too. The guitar attack of Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett is as intense as ever, and the riffs seem even heavier and more meticulous. Alex Webster’s bass playing is already legendary, but he takes it to the next level, and Paul Mazurkiewicz drum tracks and fills also exhibit why he is one of the best!  

“High Velocity Impact Splatter” lets you know which section of hell you will be visiting here. It’s choppy, fast and brutal. And again, Mark Lewis has taken Cannibal Corpse to the next level with the production. It is nothing short of brilliant. “Kill or Become” has quickly become my new favorite sing-along song with Corpsegrinder instructing, “Fire up the chainsaw/Hack their fuckin’ heads off.”  It takes heavy to a new level, alternating tempos between slow and warp speed. The title track is blistering, and “Icepick Lobotomy” epitomizes the death metal genre. Corpsegrinder’s vocals are a lesson for all the younger bands trying to break into this style. Webster’s bass is never hidden in the mix, and its rolling, thunderous sound really highlights this song and the entire album.

While there are no real surprises on A Skeletal Domain, no one really expected any. Cannibal Corpse have their own sound, and there is little chance that they will ever roll the dice with their own Black Album.  In my humble opinion, they have created their masterpiece – and their best album – with this release. Torture was hard to top, but they did it.

A Skeletal Domain is out now on Metal Blade Records.

Rating: 5/5 Stars