Hardcore motherfreakin’ heavy metal and weed. Yes, yes indeed. Whereas the illustrious plant known as marijuana only seems to be associated with reggae or jam bands, guess what? Headbangers do bong hits, too!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Recently legalized for purchase in Colorado (God bless you, CO!!), herb is enjoyed by denim-vest-wearing, long-haired heshers, as well. This is why the new split 12-inch Splatterhash by Cannabis Corpse and Ghoul is a guilty pleasure for those of us metal maniacs who enjoy a bit of fun now and then.

This is a pairing made in Heaven. Or Jamaica. Or maybe Amsterdam. After you give this album a listen, do yourself a favor and track down their videos. Is this music a tad “tongue in cheek”? Of course. But, guess what? It kicks much butt.

Cannabis Corpse weigh in with “The Inhalation Plague” and “Shatter Their Bongs” which, from the get-go, pummel your brain like you just did some major vape hits. The drums rip through like a thousand stoned stormtroopers. It’s easy to hear the GWAR influences from Brent Purgason (who also logs time as guitarist Pustulus Maximus in the Virginian outer space metal circus group).

Hailing from Creepsylvania, Ghoul pair perfectly with Cannabis Corpse. A tad more sinister and intense, these boys show they can handle their pipes and power riffs with both “Inner Sanctum” and “Spill Your Guts.”

Scrape the resin from your bowl, grab your lighters, turn this one up to 12, and be prepared to experience what it would be like if Cheech and Chong had pursued a death metal career instead of one in comedy.

Splatterhash is out now on Tankcrimes.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars