Today we take a trip back to 1987 to a song called Bewitched off the second album by Candlemass called Nightfall. The album was the first Candlemass album with vocalist Messiah Marcolin and is the second best selling album by the band.

The lineup for Nightfall includes: Leif Edling – bass, Messiah Marcolin – vocals, Mats Bjorkman and Mike Wead guitars and Jan Lindh – drums.  The cover art of the album is a portrait made by Thomas Cole, the last in his series, “The Voyage of Life ” entitled “Old Age.”


The video for the song Bewitched features the future lead singer Per Yngve Ohlin otherwise known as  ‘Dead’ from the  Norweigan Black Metal band Mayhem who ended up committing suicide in 1991 at age 22. The Bewitched video helped to propel album sales to ver 1 million worldwide and gain international recognition. Check out the song and video below and Messiah’s Doom Mosh!



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