Candlemass: “The Door To Doom” Album Review


Candlemass: “The Door To Doom” Album Review

What better way to perk up my winter days than having a listen to the new Candlemass album, The Door to Doom. I was quite excited after hearing of the return of vocalist Johan Langquist, and I am very fond of the entire album which is a rarity. Some albums have a few good songs and then lose my attention. This is superb, through-and-through, not to mention guest guitarist Tony Iommi for the song “Astorolus: The Great Octopus.” He is forever majestic in his magical fretwork, and the song is a treasure for the long term.

“Bridge of the Blind” slows things down a bit, but don’t be fooled into its solitude. It is more an intermission that leads the rest of the album’s flow. I’d have to credit “Death’s Wheel” and “Black Trinity” as my choice picks with their delicious blend of doom and power metal arrangements. Langquist’s vocals are simply perfect, almost sultry, if you find that stuff sexy as I do. “House of Doom” is a re-recorded track with the vocalist infusing it with immortal life. The album ends with “The Omega Circle” that perfectly encapsulates the Candlemass brazenness (and wait for the little surprise at the end).

I am immensely pleased with The Door to Doom, and I want more.

The Door to Doom is out now on Napalm Records. Buy it here!

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