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Cancer Bats: “Searching For Zero” Album Review by Jason Zins!


Cancer Bats: “Searching For Zero” Album Review by Jason Zins!

Toronto’s Cancer Bats are no stranger to hard times, and they’ve overcome many obstacles to deliver their fifth album, Searching For Zero, coming out March 10 on Metal Blade Records. Vocalist Liam Cormier explains, “We were coming out of what was a really heavy year for all of us, with a lot of challenges, non-stop touring and the deaths of people really close to the band. Us dealing with all of that and how that’s taken its toll.”  You can feel the emotions through every song on the album, and it proves that hard times can make you better. Searching For Zero is their best offering yet.

“Satellites” opens the album with a vengeance.  It’s old school Cancer Bats, mixed with melody; blistering, but catchy at the same time. Cormier’s vocals are brutal! “True Zero” is slower, and guitarist Scott Middleton‘s chugging, razor-sharp riffs keep you headbanging. “Arsenic In The Year of The Snake” is one hell of a song that chugs along like an out-of-control freight train. “Beelzebub” brings to light the band’s side project, Bat Sabbath, a Black Sabbath tribute band. The song is heavy, dark and melodic. “Devil’s Blood” emits a punk/hardcore feeling, and it is my pick for best song on the album. It really demonstrates everything Cancer Bats are about. “Cursed with a Conscience” is raw, dirty and heavy, and ” All Hail,” a tribute to Gwar‘s late vocalist Oderus Urungus, is straight-to-the-jugular punk that forms a fitting tribute to Dave Brockie. “Buds” brings back that Corrosion of Conformity/Black Sabbath vibe. Cormier’s vocals are stellar here. “No More Bullshit” is the epitome of what an exit song should be. It’s heavy and you really feel where the Cancer Bats are going.

This album is by far my favorite from Cancer Bats and one of my favorite releases so far this year. Every song on this album can stand on its own. I’m glad to see these guys come out on top, and 2015 will be a phenomenal year for the Cancer Bats!

Searching For Zero is out March 10 on Metal Blade Records. Buy it here!

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